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Becoming a Freelancer – the Naked Truth.

I’d be the first to admit, that having my own business and working from home has its perks and I intend to keep it that way. However… (Don’t you just hate it, when you read something nice and the next sentence starts with a “however”?) I sure do, but, please, bear with me. Read the story below. It comes from experience and although my story is not everybody’s story, I believe there are lessons to be learned from.

So, you want to work from home. To be your own boss. You are fed up with your colleagues, micro-management and the rat race. You-want-freedom

What you imagine is, that you wake up whenever you feel like and work as much or as little as you feel like, right?

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How Freelancers Can Use Social Media Marketing To Their Advantage

The use of social media marketing is a great way for freelancers and small business owners to become better known, build a client base and promote their businesses. This type of marketing though is fruitful only if it is done correctly.

Knowing how to take advantage of what social media has to offer, will help expand your business greatly and help you to be seen as an expert or a “go-to” person within your area of expertise.

In my blog post I will use a real estate agent as an example, but the advice can be applied to translators, virtual assistants, graphic designers, etc.

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