How Freelancers Can Use Social Media Marketing To Their Advantage

The use of social media marketing is a great way for freelancers and small business owners to become better known, build a client base and promote their businesses. This type of marketing though is fruitful only if it is done correctly.

Knowing how to take advantage of what social media has to offer, will help expand your business greatly and help you to be seen as an expert or a “go-to” person within your area of expertise.

In my blog post I will use a real estate agent as an example, but the advice can be applied to translators, virtual assistants, graphic designers, etc.

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6 Rookie Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

During conversations with many aspiring business owners, I’ve noticed that many of them make the same mistakes all over again. Here is a list of 6 rookie mistakes new business owners often make and how to avoid them:

Wrong Focus

I am a member of many social media groups for start-up businesses, where the first thoughts of the aspiring business owners are what their website would look like, what the colors of their logo would be, they would even think of hiring new staff, but they are not concentrating on the most important thing – their marketing strategy. In many cases, if they (think) they have a marketing strategy, it is most likely not a marketing strategy at all. Most people make the mistake to identify marketing as selling and promotions only. While these are essential parts of marketing, they are by no means the most important part.

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How Different Social Media Networks Can Help Your Business Flourish

Sooo…where were we? Ah yes, how different social media networks can help your business flourish, thrive and make your dream customers fall in love with you.

Let me tell you a bit about myself: I like white water rafting. The first time I did that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was paddling left and right, screaming with excitement (and fear) and not knowing what to do next or how this whole crazy experience will end up.

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Sales Funnel in Layman’s Terms. The Steps.

Hello, hello. Today we will pay attention to the Social Media Sales Funnel.
Are you excited about that? Not sure? Well, I am and I will tell you why. Following the steps of a sales funnel is kind of like dating- first you have to find the right person (in our case your ideal customer), then make them notice you, then make them fall in love with you, then you propose to them and if you did everything well, they accept your proposal and “marry you”. Well, not really marry you, but buy your product or service. Then the last step is making this person, your ideal customer, not only stay faithful to you, but brag about you in front of others. Sounds fun, isn’t it? It really can be.

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Who’s Writing The Blog Posts?

That would be me – Magdalena. You can call me Maggie, that’s what everybody – friends, family, colleagues – calls me.

Being a website for translations, one would assume that that’s what our blog would be about – translations, right?

Well, there will be some (plenty of) articles about translations – the process, CAT tools, proofreading, localization, etc, but what I want to do here is share with you my knowledge in marketing and being a freelancer/small business owner.

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