Better Your Business By Learning From The Big Fish

The Internet revolution has brought competition to a whole new level. Especially on the large corporate scale. Companies are in a constant race to show the most innovative content, product, service or business practice. Our infographic below shows the five best practices that you can adopt from big businesses.

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The Little Prince and How To Tame Your Ideal Customer

“Who are you?” asked the little prince, and added, “You are very pretty to look at.”

“I am a fox,” the fox said.

“Come and play with me,” proposed the little prince.

“I cannot play with you,” the fox said. “I am not tamed”.

From “The Little Prince”,  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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How To Avoid Being A Workaholic

“The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts the moment you get up and doesn’t stop until you get into the office.” – Robert Frost

I’d be the first to admit, that when you run your own business (in our case two businesses) one can easily slip down the path of working endless hours and forget about what my real priorities should be. It’s so easy to stop noticing the small joys life can bring and turn yourself into a workaholic.

When you’re a small business owner, in many cases you have to wear a lot of hats – a boss, administrator, marketer, blog post writer, supplier…you name it.

To avoid the slippery path of overworking yourself and focusing on business only, we have to ask ourselves what our values are.

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Small Business Owners – How to Identify Your Target Market

I wrote this entire post with a cat on my lap. What does it have to do with target marketing, you ask? Hear me out. Before coming to sit on my lap, our cat already determined what he has to offer: being soft and cuddly is something many people find hard to resist. But…do they all? Our George (the cat) already knew that if he rubs himself against my legs and bats his eyes several times, I am more likely than my husband to let him sit on my lap. He figured me out. How? By doing his cat “research” on me, knowing what I need and how to push my buttons.
What I want to say with this rather unusual intro is, that if a cat can figure out its target market, so can you.

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Marketing Yourself as a Freelancer – a Marketing Plan Guide

Hey, we are on air again. You’ve made it through the business plan (or at least you started) and the learning platforms and now you wonder how you will market yourself. I’ve met many aspiring or new freelancers and small business owners and the marketing part is the thing, which gives them nightmares.

“For the life of me I cannot figure out this dang marketing thing”.

“I feel overwhelmed”.

“I don’t know where to start”.

“There are so many social media platforms, which ones should I choose? I cannot be on ALL of them”?!?

Sounds familiar? Yep, there are things to be considered,


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