F. A. Q.

Why us?

Our team members are native (also linguistically trained) in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Bulgarian and English.

We are experienced and educated: with almost 10 years in the industry we can use our expertise to help you get your ideal clients and expand your business.

We are efficient: we use the latest technology, whether it is CAT or Social Media tools. This way we save you not only time, but money. We use the combination of qualified translators, software and CAT tools to achieve what is most important to us – delivering impeccable language services and helping you achieve your goals.

Our company is built on commitment to the customer and we don’t compromise with quality. Our aim is to be reliable, fast and efficient.

When it comes to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, our knowledge of the regions (thorough understanding of the Scandinavian and Eastern European markets, businesses and culture) allows us to easily adapt your
to the specific clients/markets you want to reach.

Our principle is that we offer not just problem solving, but problem resolving.


How are prices formed?

Type of text: General or Specialized (e. g.: Construction, Engineering, Travel, etc.)

General texts are fairly simple, thus least expensive to translate with prices starting from € 0.12 per word.

Specialized texts start at € 0.15 per word.

The above prices are for word range from 1000 – 10 000 words.

For projects below 1000 words there is a minimum order of € 15 (the total sum may increase depending on the amount of words.)

The discounts for projects that contain more than 10 000 words are listed below.

Number of words:

This is the most important factor as we charge per source (the original language of the text) word.

10 000 – 50 000 words: 5% discount from the final price of the package.

50 000 – 100 000 words: 7% discount from the final price of the package.

100 000+ words: 10% discount from the final price of the package.


The price also depends on the type of file extension and whether a CAT tool is used or the document is in PDF/.jpeg format.

PDF/.jpeg texts are more difficult to work on and over a period of time translating makes it time more consuming and complicated, therefore the price will be different.

Delivery time:

Rush orders cost more money.

A translator is able to translate 1500-3000 words per day, depending on the text.

For a text of about 3000 words we usually need 2 to 3 days to deliver.

Delivery time will always be discussed upfront with the client.

For exact price, please contact us with details about the project – amount of words, file type, required use of CAT tools and delivery time frame.


Will I get a discount for a large project?

Yes. Discounts start at 10 000 words and increase according to the amount of words.

For a purchase of over 100 000 words at once we provide a 10% discount.


And for being a repeat client?

Yes. Not only that, but as a repeat client you are also entitled to a priority document procession, lower translation rates, extended payment deadline and lower expenses for additional reviews and adjustments.


Do you have a referral program?

We do. The discounts increase progressively with the amount of colleagues that you refer to us.

Refer two clients and you get 5% discount.

For more than 5 customers you get upgraded to our loyal customer program and will be entitled to extras that will be tailored to your needs.


How to participate in the referral program?

Simply drop us an email at referral@linguanorth.com and we will send you back a referral code.

Ask your friend/colleague/client to use the referral code when they submit their project.

Note that the discount only applies if you have already been our client and if the person that you refer to us submits a project.


In what areas do you do translations?

We specialize in the following areas of translation: Technical, Engineering, Oil and gas, Electrical, Electronics, Construction, Machinery, Military, Defense, Marketing, Tourism, Gaming, General translations.

If your project falls outside of our areas of expertise, we work with tested and trusted colleagues, who specialize in other areas: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Law, Literature to name a few.

Just contact us with your request and we will match you with the translator, best suited for your needs.


How long does it take to do the translation?

A translator is capable of translating about 1500-3000 words a day, but then there is the QA, proofreading, editing process. It depends on the type of text, formatting, size, etc.

A rule of thumb is a good quality requires a good deadline. There is a clear connection between short deadlines and poor quality.

The deadline is always discussed with you and we make sure we deliver the final product as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality.


When do I receive the final translation?

It depends on whether you only need a translation and QA, or you need a second (third) translator to edit/proofread the translated text.

It also depends on the type of text, the size, whether CAT tools are used, the format, etc.

That’s why when you send us the text, our PMs evaluate it and shortly after that they give you an answer how long it will take for you to receive the final translation.

Once a date is agreed on, we deliver by the deadline, no exceptions.

Should unforeseeable events occur though (no electricity, no Internet, illness and other occurrences that are beyond our control), you will be notified as quickly as possible about the occurrence and a new deadline will be scheduled.


How is the payment processed?

Our payment terms are net 15 days for new clients and net 30 days for repeat clients.

Our standard payment method is direct bank transfer of funds.

Rates quoted in our proposal to you are calculated on this basis.

You can pay directly by Wire Transfer or PayPal.


Do you use CAT tools?

Yes. It is not a must, but a CAT tool allows us to work faster, to be more precise and use translation memory, thus making the process quicker, cheaper and error-proof, keeping the original formatting.

The most popular CAT tools are Trados, MemoQ, MemSource and Across.


Feel free to contact us with any further inquiries!