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Who’s Writing The Blog Posts?

That would be me – Magdalena. You can call me Maggie, that’s what everybody – friends, family, colleagues – calls me.

Being a website for translations, one would assume that that’s what our blog would be about – translations, right?

Well, there will be some (plenty of) articles about translations – the process, CAT tools, proofreading, localization, etc, but what I want to do here is share with you my knowledge in marketing and being a freelancer/small business owner.

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Lingua North – Built on Commitment To The Customer

Interview with Stein Erik Buchardt, Co-Owner of Lingua North and  Buchardt Consult – Language Services and Management Agencies. 

Stein Erik Buchardt Lingua North


Lingua North is a language services and management agency, specialized in multilingual translation and management of documentation. Their long term experience in the translation industry helps us better understand today’s challenges in terms of quality and efficiency.

Stein Erik Buchardt is in charge of the language services at the company and that is what we are going to talk about today with him.

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