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Becoming A Freelancer Part 2 – Learning Platforms

Hi! How was your last week? Did you do your homework? Honestly? You skipped a few parts? That’s OK, you are not in a Nazi camp. Trust me, though, if I was training you, you’d wish you were in one. I am strict! Like… oh, relax, I am just messing with you.

So, any questions? None for now? Then, let’s continue.

Chances are, by now you have some sort of a business plan, a marketing strategy, you figured out your prices and before all that – you figured out your skills, your niche, your specialization and what you have to study.

Why do I see a blank face here? You have no idea how to tackle this whole thing and where to start from?! Relax! We will do this together, step by step.

First, if you, my young and inexperienced friend, are certain in your knowledge, you’ve got the first part of the journey covered.

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Plan, Prepare, Cook, Serve.

Plan, Prepare, Cook, Serve – these are the how-to steps a successful chef teaches his students. I believe they apply not only to cooking, but to business as well. Before we dissect the steps, I want to talk about something else, seemingly unrelated to success in business.


Yes, love. As in Self-Love!

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